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Do you have problems with asphalted road or your machine is heavy to lift? In 5 seconds, deploy this wheel system without even getting up from your snowmobile! No more unplugging and reconnecting your equipment. Patented in Canada and the United States, WheelTracker is the only hydraulic wheel system. Designed for all brands of snowmobiles.
  • Handlebar switch
  • Positioning and deployment in 3 seconds
  • For most recent brands and models
  • Only  total of 11 pounds, very light system.

The only hydraulic retractable wheel system with automatic positioning. This system allows you to activate your wheels while sitting on your snowmobile. The switch is located directly on the handlebars. The positioning and the  deployment take around 3 seconds. The total weight of this hydraulic system is 11 pounds, 3 pounds per ski and 5 pounds for the balance of the system. When backing up or moving forward the wheels will not deactivate. Even if there are holes or obstacles in your way, the wheels will remain in the rolling position.

This product has been designed for all weather conditions down to -60 degrees Celsius (water, salt, calcium, ice, snow ...). This hydraulic system includes 1 12 volt pump with 1 30 amp motor producing 600 lbs of pressure and a flow rate of 2.8 liters per minute, 4 plastic coated stainless pipes and 2 aluminum hydraulic cylinders. Installation is usually done in 4 hours to 2 technicians and the warranty is 1 year.

The hydraulic wheel system can be reinstalled on another machine. However, some components/parts will need to be changed. We advise you to contact us at this time for a full evaluation.

To know the list of accredited installers 2023-2024 of the Hydraulic Wheeltracker wheel system, click on this link

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