SCM-GL inc. is a Quebec family business located in Beauce since 2001. Its founder, Ghislain Lachance, has developed products that allow snowmobile enthusiasts to rediscover the pleasures of a pleasant and safe ride, regardless of winter conditions. Well surrounded by his daughter Nancy Lachance since the beginning and now since March 2021 with 3 new owners: Mr. Jean Bilodeau, Mr. Marco Bilodeau and Mr. Yan Bilodeau, SCM-GL inc. now only sees a promising future day by day ahead of them.

SCM-GL inc. or Beauce ingenuity

SCM-GL inc. owes its name to Ghislain Lachance's Snowmobile Driving Stabilizer, one of the company's first inventions. Also called SnowTracker, this product corrects the problems of swaying and driving stability. With its revolutionary design, the SnowTracker has created such a craze that the company has grown in the North American market. Today, SCM-GL inc. holds several US and Canadian patents, in addition to offering other innovative products such as the WheelTracker hydraulic wheel system and the Everlaster carbide beams, and also the suspension modification.

The Snowtracker family

Over the years, a family has been built, with a common passion for snowmobiling: the SnowTracker family. It brings together not only the designers, but also those who use our products. We are honored by such a mark of trust, especially since we are committed to your driving safety. This is why, each year, we adjust to the new products available on the market in order to offer you products adapted to your practice. We are fortunate to have the best employees, suppliers, customers and distributors in all fields and industries.

Do you want to know more about the SnowTracker, the WheelTracker or the Everlaster? Would you like to use our services? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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