EVERLASTER Carbide Blade z 2013 08 01

Les seules lisses au carbure auto-aiguissantes les plus avancés sur le marché avec 4'' de carbure !!!

Do you have the feeling of sliding on icy pavements? Are your carbides round quickly and have everlaster no teeth left? Here is your solution, the EVERLASTER carbide BLADE-Z carbides which will always remain sharp and until there are no more carbides inside. These are the only OEM replacement self-sharpening healds on the market. Patented in Canada and the United States, these OEM replacement rails will give you maximum durability, optimal grip and longevity. The EVERLASTER carbide BLADE-Z heddles have been designed to be always SHARP, to keep a constant cut and to self-sharpen by themselves.

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EVERLASTER carbides cannot replace the carbides in the SNOWTRACKER complete kit when the carbides in the snowtracker are worn. Everlaster carbides replace only the original OEM carbides of the machine and do not correspond to the correction plates (U-shaped blades) of the snowtracker.

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*** FOR YOUR SAFETY: It is strictly FORBIDDEN to modify the parts for any reason. These modifications could cause you serious operating problems, accidents and even injuries. SCM-GL inc. disclaims all responsibility for any modifications you have made or that someone else has made to the products. We recommend that you NEVER buy and install a used and or modified product for your safety. The performance of your machine and your driving could be affected ***

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Lisse conventiennelle Everlaster carbide Blade-Z
Neuve Usagé Neuve Usagé
lisseordinaire Blade Z
* SE = Effective area required for control

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