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Aggressive model

The aggressive SNOWTRACKER model is THE PREMIUM model among all our SNOWTRACKER products. This model has been designed to give you the best possible performance from your machine while maintaining a stable, smooth, safe and sporty ride. Whether it is a pair on the snowmobile, on icy or snowy trail surfaces, in the stripes left by other snowmobiles, the aggressive SNOWTRACKER model will give you confidence during your hikes and maximum grip at all times.
The aggressive SNOWTRACKER models have between 6 and 7.5 inches of carbides on each of the self-sharpening beams depending on the ski model of your machine. The SNOWTRACKER `` AGGRESSIVE '' means that the correctors are higher than the semi-aggressive model and not that you are an aggressive driver of course. It is thanks to the height of these correctors that you will be able to allow you to make a good transfer of weight on your track and to get the maximum possible return from these and your snowmobile. Please see our installation steps, our warnings and our general notes in the warning below in red to understand how to balance and calibrate your snowmobile according to YOUR SATISFACTION!
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Complete lists of aggressive / premium SNOWTRACKER products available for the 2022-2023 season:

Our product lists are designed according to the original skis of snowmobile manufacturers. If the skis are not original, make sure you know the model of these in order to make your choice or contact us to help you.
* Transport costs may apply and a price increase may be possible due to the admissible tax on steel without notice during the year.

For more information contact your dealer or contact us directly.

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