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Semi-aggressive model

For a smooth ride, without swaying, with the feeling of having a handlebar with power steering.

Do you want improved control? Here's how to eliminate zigzags and darting on icy, snow-covered trails. Install a semi-aggressive SnowTracker kit with 6 inch carbide SELF-SHARPENING healds and correctors and rediscover the confidence of driving in any trail conditions, snowy and icy, especially in the scratches left by the skates other snowmobiles. You will no longer have zigzags or swaying. Drive with confidence!

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Complete lists of semi-aggressive / standard SNOWTRACKER products available for the 2022-2023 season:

Our product lists are designed according to the original skis of snowmobile manufacturers. If the skis are not original, make sure you know the model of these in order to make your choice or contact us to help you.
*Transport costs may apply and a price increase may be possible due to the admissible tax on steel without notice during the year.

For more information contact your dealer or contact us.

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