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Hydraulic Wheels System

Tired of pavement? In 5 seconds, you can deploy these wheels without even getting off your sled! U.S and Canadian Patented, WheelTracker are the only electrically actuated hydraulic wheel system for snowmobiles.
  • Switch on handlerbar
  • Positionning in 3 seconds
  • Fits on most makes and new models
  • Only 3.5 pounds by ski

Automatic, Hydraulically operated, retractable wheels system for snowmobiles. This new system allows the rider to activate wheels while seated on the snowmobile. The on off switch is situated directly on the steering handle bars. It takes 4-5 seconds to activate the wheels on and 3-4 seconds to turn those off. The total weight of the hydraulic system is 11 lbs, (3 lbs per ski, and, 5 lbs for the hydraulic pump filled with oil. This Include the hoses and wiring. When wanting to go in reverse or advance with the snowmobile, the wheels will remain on. Even if there are holes or obstacles in your way, the wheels will remain in rolling position. This product was designed to overcome all weather and harsh conditions (water, salt, calcium, sand, ice and snow…). It also withstands temperatures down to -76°F.

This system consists of one (1) 12 volts/ 30 amp hydraulic unit outputting 600 lbs of pressure and a ¾ gpm flow, 4 stainless steel tubes covered with plastic, 2 aluminum hydraulic cylinders and complete wiring. The installation is usually done within 5-6 hours. The system is covered by a 1 year warrantee.

The Hydraulic WheelTracker system was designed to be installed on all makes of snowmobile and interchangeable to any makes. All the hydraulic components will remain the same. You will only need to change some brackets and you will be ready to ride. That will fit on your brand new snowmobile!

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