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The most advenced carbide runners on the market !!!

Tired of running on flats ? Stay always sharp with a set of BLADE-Z! U.S. and Canadian Patented. One piece CNS laser cut host blade and threaded mounts for a maximum of performance and durability. The time that carbides become round, is now finished with our EVERLASTER CARBIDE BLADE-Z. The 1980's are now outdated with our EVERLASTER CARBIDE BLADE-Z !!! 

*** Please take note that all orders after december 22, 2015 will be shipped in the first week of january 2016. Merry Christmas and happy new year 2016***

CANADA ONLY ordering online: EverLaster Carbide Blade-Z is now available directly from the manufacturer. To facilitate your order and fast delivery directly to your home in CANADA, SCM-GL Inc. allow you to order online now.

FOR USA: Please contact your local dealer or call our salesman directly to 1-855-387-8757. Find your local U.S dealer.

***FOR YOUR SAFETY: We highly recommend you do not modify any components for any reasons.  Modifications can create unforeseen problems that could result in serious injuries or even death.  SCM-GL inc. is not liable for any results from modified components. We also highly recommend you do not install used parts. You need to have the good part number on your machine. Install on your machine the wrong used parts can cause problems and affect the performance of your machine and your driving.***

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The Everlaster carbide blade-z have 6" of carbide with a width of 1/4" wide host and a height of 5/8'' blade provides better penetration. Rectangular carbide inserted into a rectangular tempered host blade creates a self sustaining effect that makes the Everlaster BLADE-Z last much longer than conventional runners.

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Convential carbide runners Everlaster BLADE-Z 
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*SE = Effective Area necessary for control

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For more information in USA, please contact your local dealer or call to 1-855-387-8757.