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Agressive Kit

For an aggressive control on icy and snow covered trails, to have a feeling of power steering control. You will experience a feeling of Formula One, a very sporty feeling.
Do you want to improve control? Here is how to elminate darting, zigzagging on icy & snow covered trails. Install the snowtracker Aggressive kit, with self-sharpening 7 1/2 inch carbide runners, with the corrector and rediscover the confidance in any conditions, in trails, icy and snow-covered, espacially in grooves that were left by other snowmobiles. You will have no more darting or zigzagging. Ride like the pros.
For the snowmobiling pros here is Snowtracker aggressive with a self-sharpening carbide runners with 7 1/2 inch of carbide,  and with “U” inversed correctors.

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