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Agressive Kit

The aggressive SNOWTRACKER model is THE PREMIUM model in all of our products SNOWTRACKER on the market. This model has been designed to give you the best performance of your machine. It will give you stable rides, safe and enjoyable rides. Whether you are two passengers on the machine, on icy or snowy trails surfaces, in the furrows left by other snowmobiles, the SNOWTRACKER aggressive will give you confidence during your trips and maximum of grip at all times.
Aggressive SNOWTRACKER models have between 6 and 7.5 inches of carbides on each self-sharpening carbide depending of the model of your skis. Of course, SNOWTRACKER aggressive means that the correctors are higher than the semi-aggressive model and not that you are an aggressive rider. It is because of the height of these correctors that you will be able to make a transfer of weight on your track and to have the maximum performance of those and your machine. Please review our installation steps, our warnings and general notes to understand well how calibrate your snowmobile according to YOUR SATISFACTION !  

Complete product lists for SNOWTRACKER aggressive/Premium available for season 2018-2019:

‚ÄčThis year, SNOWTRACKER aggressives prices for season 2018-2019 start at $ 277.99 + taxes (CAN prices) *. Please check with your dealer or your accessories store. For US prices, please call at 1-855-387-8757 or write to 

*Shipping charges may apply and a price increase may be possible because of the new taxe on steel without notice during the year. 

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